Friday, December 12, 2014

20 Time Progress 12-11-14

Today for 20 time project I made a spreadsheet. On this spreadsheet I started to work on the Detroit Red Wings team roster. In one column I put number (#) and in the other I put name. After I finished that I started to work on the layout of the website. I tried to organize the website and make it into a real easy website to navigate in.

Friday, December 5, 2014

20% Time Project

For my 20% time project so far I have gathered some of my information by going to different news on the Detroit Red Wings. On these websites I go into a specific tab and look into the latest news into detail. On this website I need to add some tabs that list different things like players, news, affiliate team, trade rumors, etc. Once I have this done I will be able to make these pages and list the news and other information on my website. Below are a list of websites that are useful.

These are only a couple websites that I have used so far. Once I get my website all set up I will get more into the news and other information that I would like to include. As of right now my main focus is getting the setup of the website all ready.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Color Blue

               Blue is a color that represents multiple things. For example, the sky reminds me of the color blue. The sky is everywhere you go and is very eye-catching. Some people even like to watch the sky and look at the clouds if it is a sunny day with clear blue skies with a couple of clouds. The ocean is also a very blue color. Ocean's are an amazing sight that everybody can fall in love with. The white foam and crashing waves will make you fall in love immediately. Michigan is another thing that has blue in it. The block M and school have been seen by many people and have a firm meaning. When you see the block M you know you are looking at the logo of Michigan. Another object that uses blue is a Popsicle. These everybody knows about because the look of blue on a Popsicle just dazzles people and the taste of a blue Popsicle is definitely something a person cannot forget. Lastly,  jeans use the color blue. Jeans are worn by an incredible amount of people. When wearing jeans the color blue is the color that every person likes to see and it has a very crisp look to it that will make a person look good.
                A  company would choose the color blue because it is a color that is very eye-grabbing. Companies could put up signs and decorate it with blue to grab anybody's attention. Blue is a color that any person likes with this being said a company could use this color even just to grab somebody's attention. Blue is a very popular color and it will remind somebody of an experience they had earlier in life. For example, if a person goes to the ocean and later see the color blue it may interest the person more than the color red may. Overall a company using the color blue should have no problem grabbing the customers attention if they do a good job of getting the company name out.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

20% Time

So far in 20% time I have started to gain the details on making a website. To make a website you have to start out by learning how to code. You have to go to a website ( and there it will teach you the basic codes to be able to enter information into a website. Once you are done with that you go into java to learn more in depth coding. After I finish with all of my coding skills I will begin to build my website. In my website I am going to have MLB, NFL, and NHL news. I am going to attempt to make a website with all of the latest news to keep people updated on their favorite teams and players. On my website I would also like to decorate the backgrounds to make the website more customized. I am not sure how I am going to organize the website yet, but I will look more in depth to that once I finish my coding. On my website I am also hoping to have a section where people can ask me questions about a player or something they may want to know and then I can search that question then post it on the website. I will also focus on that after my coding is over.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Favorite Character

Spider-Man is my favorite character for multiple reasons. He saves everybody from villains and his red and black spider like costume keeps people from knowing who he is. When he saves a person he swings from building to building with his webs like it's a piece of cake. Not only does he do it easily but he also does it with a blink of an eye. This way the villain can't see him coming and he can take them out in a flash. Spider-Man dodges villains like nobody else can. He will have something thrown at him and he immediately jumps out of the way of the object and fights right back. No matter what kind of obstacle stands in his way he will find a way to defend the people from the villain trying to take over. Without him many of tragedies would have happened and miracle's would not have happened.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Super Power

If I could have any super power I would want to be able to fly. Being able to fly would be so much help to many people. For example, if somebody needed to be somewhere quickly I can pick them up and take them out of traffic. That would save them a lot of time and it would also be a lot more exciting than driving a car. Also, using a flying super power I could save somebody. Maybe a kid is in the road with a car speeding at him and I come and pick up the kid before he gets hit by the car. Flying super powers would not only be helpful but also entirely entertaining to have. I could spend hours of flying and not get bored of it. No matter what I did just to be able to fly in the air without being in an airplane would be a thrill.